June 16, 2011

Social Experiment # 9 AND Crude & Clean @ INDEX

SOCIAL EXPERIMENT # 9, opening at Index this Saturday, takes a look at the many and varied impacts of technology on our world today.

The show features work from three emerging local artists, Aesha Henderson, Kolet Hodgson and Tolmie Macray.

Index, 60 Hutchinson Rd, St Peters

This Saturday 2 – 4pm, Weds – Sun, 10am – 6pm until July 3rd.



It has been said that you can divide the art world in two.

The question then is "what two do you divide it into?"

Obviously there are only two distinctions left, CRUDE and CLEAN and they stand ready to become the next grand antimony that will divide and define art for the next couple months!

INDEX will be staging two exhibitions back to back, calling them respectively CRUDE and CLEAN and asking artists to take sides.

So pick a side and put your art on it. The winning side will have the art world totalized in the image of their practice!

Good Luck!

info@indexspace.com.au. Include artist name, phone number, email. A short paragraph describing work, a short bio (or cv) and an image of work or related work. Please remember to indicate which show you are submitting for.

Participation in each show will incur a $80 artist fee (3 weeks).

Proposals close Thu. July 15, 6pm.

For more info please visit: http://indexspace.com.au/x/2011/06/16/crude-and-clean/

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