August 20, 2011

Monica Epstein - Faces behind the self

Sheffer Gallery
38 Lander Street, Darlington.
Aug 12- 27th
Artist talk Sat 27th 4pm

Faces behind the self is an exhibition of faces, which have been brought to life through both paintings and drawings to tell the story of the individuals represented.

It begins with some of the European masters painters and sculptors that I grew up with: Goya Van Gogh, Cezanne, Francis Bacon and Freud to name a few, all of whom had a huge influence on me.

The exhibition then leads to Australian painters, who opened my eyes to a totally new directions, having arrived in Australia in 1998.

This in turn leads to contemporary Australians who have played a significant of my life here. The fields they encompass are wide ranging: artists, gallery directors and opera directors through to friends and also my doctor and dentist.

"It’s a very personal journey and very much an ongoing series. Once up on the walls I realise that the guiding principal for everyone represented is the depiction of the humanity of the self.

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