July 1, 2011

Adam Hill at the Brett Whiteley Gallery

On Sunday 26th June, an enthusiastic audience was fortunate enough to hear Aboriginal poet Adam Hill reading some of his poetry and playing the didgeridoo at the Whiteley.

Adam Hill is a contemporary Sydney-based artist and spoken word performer committed, for over a decade, to forging social justice through his art and commentary. An accomplished musician who has pursued the masterful art of the Yidaki (didgeridoo), Adam has performed and exhibited nationally and internationally, both as a solo artist and as a collaborator.

Recently back from an Australian tour, Adam displayed a map of Aboriginal Australia and invoked audience participation in his performance. In the style adopted by many Aboriginal poets, his poems exposed the negative effects of colonialism and ‘settlement’ with rage and humour, culminating in the witty Ausfailure National Tantrum, received with great applause. The haunting sounds of the didgeridoo contributed to a memorable occasion and brought the reading to a close. 

Convened by the indefatigable Angela Stretch, the Whiteley readings are an integral part of the Sydney poetry scene, featuring poets of high calibre. Currently unfunded, this event of 13 years standing is seeking sponsors in order to continue. The next reader will be Melbourne poet Dan Disney, launching his new collection, and then when the, on Sunday 24th July.

(Margaret Bradstock) 

Australians all let us remorse
For we are blind can't see
We've golden soil that we all spoil
Our home washes into sea
Our land abounds in racist gits
Of whom we really can't bear
In history's cage recompense the slaves
Do Australians really care?
In painful strains that left a sting
Do Australians really care?

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/alternative-anthems-creator-sings-against-bitter-injustice-20090531-brqt.html#ixzz1QcjaoyRx  

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