November 24, 2010

[UPon a CHAnce] ARC - outDOOR cinema^^ Great Italian Masters

Addison Road Centre (ARC) are starting a new series of film screenings. This season is going to be dedicated to the Great Italian Masters. Pasolini, Rosellini, Scola, Fellini will be present with their art house master pieces.  Starting with Pier Paolo Pasolini’s “Mamma Roma”. Made in 1962, the film explores the social contradictions in post Second World War Italy. Critics didn't like the use of non professional actors. The general public didn't like the topic, and the Church was outraged because of the use of Christian imagery.  They were all united in condemning the film as immoral and it was taken to court where they failed to stop its presentation. Fascists also protested and attacked Pasolini at the film’s premiere. 

“Indefatigably productive, ingenious, exasperating, slyly self-promoting, abject, generous, exploitative, devoted to the wretched of the earth with honest fervour and deluded romanticism” are some of the adjectives still applied to Pasolini’s  work and persona

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